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Product Type: Freibond 6

This excellent product has a built-in phosphate crystal refining agent, more commonly referred to as calcium modified. It is of particularly importance that it significantly enhances the detergence resistance of the paint film and has found wide acceptance in the appliance industry. A drawback of this product is that produces a harder scale on heating coils, etc. than conventional zinc phosphates.


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Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel


Paint Pretreatment, Rubber-Metal Bonding

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Conversion Coatings

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Spray or Immersion

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The Freibond and Freibond D series are zinc and iron phosphate generating products primarily used as a paint base for subsequent paint finishes. The coatings provide excellent adhesion to the base metal and subsequently increase corrosion resistance of the paint. While primarily designed for spray application, some of these products work equally well by immersion. Other applications include their use as a base for rubber bonding and as a lubricant carrier in the cold forming of steel.

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