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Product Type: Freiclean 60

Mildly acidic cleaner/brightener series for aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. Available in both spray and immersion formulations.


FREICLEAN 60-I is an oxidizer free mildly acidic cleaner/brightener for aluminum and other nonferrous materials. FREICLEAN 60-I is designed for immersion applications and is a liquid material for ease of handling. FREICLEAN 60-I is particularly effective at removing Precoat and Formlube films from aluminum parts and stainless steel processing equipment. When cleaning soap based Formlube residues Freiclean 60-I will float the fatty acid component of the lube to the surface for removal thus extending the bath life. Not recommended for use proceeding zinc phosphating processes.

All equipment used for processing and handling this product should be stainless steel or plastics that can handle the operating temperatures during processing. Carbon steel should not be used as the material will attack it. Soap based materials and oils will float to the surface and must be continuously removed during operation to prevent redeposition.

The cleaner solution is usually built up at concentrations of 3 to 10% by volume,depending on the soils to be removed. Cleaning temperatures can range from 90ºF to 180ºF with immersion times of 2 to 10 minutes.

The concentration of the FREICLEAN 60-I solution may be determined by the following method:

Pipette a 5 ml sample of the solution to be tested into a 300 ml Erlenmeyer flask or suitable beaker and add 5 to 10 drops of Indicating Solution 3 (Phenolphthalein). You may add 50-100 mls of distilled or deionized water to the beaker to more easily see the endpoint. Titrate the cloudy white solution to the first pink endpoint with Testing Solution 11 (0.1N NaOH).

% by volume FREICLEAN 60-I = 0.312 x mL’s Testing Solution 11


FREICLEAN 60-I should be stored indoors to protect from freezing.

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Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper/Brass


Drawing, Stamping, Extrusion, Paint Pretreatment, Protection, Cleaning, Metal Working, Rubber-Metal Bonding

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The diverse needs of the metal treament industry have lead us to develop over 100 different cleaner products, with one to fit almost every situation. Whether spray or immersion application, steel, aluminum, brass, or another alloy we have a freiclean product to fit your needs.

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