We offer a wide range of lubricants, coatings and lime baths designed for metal drawing processes. Our products will help prevent metal-to-metal adhesion or welding, cool the die and the workpiece, and provide boundary lubrication.


Freiborne has the most reliable soap-based lubricants as well as the latest polymer lubricants to aid in your company’s stamping process. We also provide over 100 different cleaner products designed for removing oil, phosphates and lubricant coatings.


Freiborne provides many excellent sprays and immersive chemicals designed to treat metals for extrusion processes.


Freiborne carries many products that will offer the best defense against corrosion you will be able to find. From heavy zinc phosphates to residue-free oils, we have formulas that will work for almost any application.


Our Freiclean line is designed with almost every situation in mind. These include degreasing and removing oils and phosphates.

Metal Working

Freiborne offers chemicals for each stage of your metalworking processes. From lubricants and coatings to cleaners and washes, we will have what your firm is looking for.

Rubber-Metal Bonding

Freiborne carries chemicals designed for preparing for and aiding in the rubber-metal bonding process. This includes removing contaminants and optimizing metal-rubber adhesion

Paint Pretreatment

Freibond D31 and Freiclean 100RP are just a couple examples of the products we produce that prepare metals for painting. From cleaning and removing all contaminants and impurities to optimizing adhesion, we guarantee we will have the formula that is right for your needs.

Warm Forming

We offer an abudance of chemicals designed for warm forming metals, including Formlube HT402,

which acts as a coolant, lubricant and die release agent.