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Product Type: Freiclean CU-2

Acidic Powdered soak cleaner designed for the removal of light soils and residual coolant oils. Once these soils are removed the cleaner will remove most surface discoloration and restore a bright copper appearance.


FREICLEAN CU-2 is an acidic powdered soak cleaner/brightener designed for the removal of light soils, and residual coolant oils from copper and copper alloy surfaces. Once these soils are removed the cleaner will remove most surface discoloration and restore a bright copper appearance.

FREICLEAN CU-2 is normally operated at a concentration of 6 ounces per gallon but, depending on the soil to be removed, concentrations can range from 4 to 10 ounces per gallon. The operating temperature range is from 150 – 190°F with immersio n times from 2 to 6 minutes, depending on the amount of soil to be removed. Higher temperatures and longer dwell times will produce a matte finish on the copper surface. To maintain a bright finish minimize temperature and/or dwell times in this cleaner.

FREICLEAN CU-2 is mildly acidic and will slowly etch ordinary un-coated steel tanks and heat exchangers. Stainless steel tanks and heat exchangers are recommended for all temperatures. Rubber or plastic lined tanks must operate under the recommended temperature limits set by the supplier of the lining or heat exchanger.

FREICLEAN CU-2 is designed to split out oily soils and it is recommended that floating soils be remove continuously or with enough frequency as to avoid the re-deposition of floating oil back onto the cleaned work as it passes out of the soak tank. When difficult soils are encountered a vigorously agitated or circulated cleaner or a repeated flushing action will help physically removed the loosened soil. Higher temperatures will also help soften and fluidize the soil so that has more mobility to leave the surface of the work.

The FREICLEAN CU-2 solution may be monitored by titration of the total acidity as follows:

Pipette a 2 ml sample of the FREICLEAN CU-2 bath into a suitable beaker or Erlenmeyer flask and add 4 drops of Indicating Solution 3 (Phenolphthalein). Titrate the clear solution with Testing Solution 11 (0.1 N NaOH) until the pink color remains.

A FREICLEAN CU-2 solution prepared at 8 oz/gal concentration will give a reading of approximately 8.5 points of Testing Solution 11.

To increase the concentration by 1 point add approximately 60 lbs of FREICLEAN CU-2 for every 1000 gallons.

CAUTION: This material is mildly acidic and may cause burns to skin and eyes.

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