Corrosion Inhibitor for In-House Storage and Shipping - Freiborne Industries, Inc Corrosion Inhibitor for In-House Storage and Shipping - Freiborne Industries, Inc

Product Type: Freiborne Oil RP2110

Corrosion inhibitor for in-house storage and transportation that leaves a light, non-oily film providing excellent corrosion resistance.


RP 2110 is petroleum based distillate oil designed to provide a corrosion protective coating over ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. Freiborne RP2110 leaves a very light and dry film that does not interfere with welding or stenciling.

RP2110 can provide more than 200 hours of humidity cabinet protection for bare without the use of barium or other hazardous materials. This makes it a good choice for in transit protection, short term outdoor storage, or long term indoor storage. It will not adversely affect lubricants and coolants in subsequent operations and therefore is excellent for in process protection of machined components. Most alkaline cleaners or a petroleum solvent will easily remove dry films of Freiborne Oil RP2110.

• Can be used in rack, barrel, or spray, dip or brush on applications
• Highly stable bath, providing “No Dump” system
• Working bath can be filtered to remove foreign particulates
• Low-cost of operation per ton of steel processed
• Lower ancillary and cleanup costs
• Consistent quality

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Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper/Brass



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Freiborne Oil


Spray or Immersion

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