Product Type: Freiclean 207LF

Low foam, low temperature alkaline cleaner for use on ferrous alloys with excellent detergency. Primarily used in spray systems.


FREICLEAN 207LF is a liquid, alkaline, heavy duty, low foaming spray cleaner designed to remove oils and lubricant soils from steel. FREICLEAN 207LF is potassium based for easier rinsing resulting in less downstream contamination of subsequent processes. FREICLEAN 207LF is effective where exceptionally oily soils are
present. Oily soils may be skimmed from the surface of the cleaning solution. FREICLEAN 207LF is typically used for cleaning steel substrates in general parts washing applications and prior to conversion coatings and paint application.

FREICLEAN 207LF may be used at concentrations of 2 – 15 % by volume, with operating temperatures of 110°- 160°F depending on the severity and types of soils being removed. Normal processing time is 30 – 120 seconds for spray applications. Typical operating parameters are listed below. Effective operating ranges can vary widely depending on the soils present on the workpiece. Consult your Freiborne Representative to help determine what operating parameters would be suit your operation.

Typical Spray Application Operating Parameters
Soil Load Concentration (% v/v) Temperature (oF)
Light 2 – 4 120 – 130
Medium 3 – 5 120 – 140
Heavy 5 – 10 130 – 160

Free Alkalinity Titration (Preferred Method):
The FREICLEAN 207LF solution may be monitored by titration of the free alkali as follows:
1. Pipet a 5 mL sample of the FREICLEAN 207LF solution into a suitable beaker or Erlenmeyer flask
2. Add 4 drops of Indicating Solution 3 (Phenolphthalein) (optional: add 50 mls of distilled, deionized, or reverse osmosis water)
3. Titrate the pink solution with Testing Solution 20 (0.1N H2SO4) until the pink is just removed from the solution.
4. Record the mls of Testing Solution 20 used as Free Alkali Points (save this solution and do not zero the buret if you plan on testing the total alkalinity).
5. Calculate the Concentration by volume using the following equation:

FREICLEAN 207LF % v/v = (Free Alkali Points) x (0.4)
Addition of 4 gallons (42 lbs) of FREICLEAN 207LF per 1000 gals will raise the free alkalinity by 1 point.

Total Alkalinity Titration (Preferred Method):
The total alkalinity of the FREICLEAN 207LF solution may be monitored by titration as follows:
1. To the sample used to titrate the free alkalinity add 4-6 drops of Indicating solution 2 (bromocresol
2. Continue titrating the blue solution to a yellow endpoint (do not zero the buret after the free alkalinity
3. Record the mls of Testing Solution 20 used as Total Alkali Points.

Total/Free Alkali ratio:
Determine the Total to Free Alkalinity ration by dividing the total alkali points by the free alkali points. As the bath ages the Total to Free Alkali ratio will increase. With experience the tota to free alkalinity ratio may be an indication that the bath is dirty and should be discarded.

Free Alkalinity Drop Test:
1. Transfer 5 mls of the FREICLEAN 207LF bath into a suitable beaker or Erlenmeyer flask using a
graduated syringe (make sure there are no air bubbles in the syringe)
2. Add 5 drops of Indicating Solution 3 (Phenolphthalein) to the beaker/flask containing the 5 ml bath
sample (optional: add 50 mls of distilled, deionized, or reverse osmosis water)
3. Using a Nalge Nunc dropper bottle (item # 2411-0125) held at a 45 degree angle add Testing Solution
60 (1.0N HCl) dropwise until the pink color is removed. Record the number of drops required to
remove the pink color. Holding the dropper bottle vertically or horizontally will significantly affect the
drop size and therefore the test result.
4. Determine the concentration of FREICLEAN 207LF using the following equation:

FREICLEAN 207LF % v/v = Drops Testing Solution 60



Caution: Using a different dropper dispenser or holding the drop dispenser at an angle will
significantly affect the test results and provide erroneous readings.

CAUTION: This FREICLEAN 207LF is strongly alkaline and may cause burns to skin and eyes.

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