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Product Type: Freiclean 10LF

Designed specifically for use in spray washing systems the 10LF series is a heavy duty alakline cleaner series designed for the removal of soap based lubricants, phosphate, oils, and other soils from steel surfaces. The 10LF series is particularly well suited to operations that require removal of heavy soils. Oils are floated to the surface for easy removal. Available in formulations for a wide array or needs including complete lime and calcium based coating removal.


FREICLEAN 10BLF is a liquid, alkaline, heavy duty cleaner for steel. The cleaner is designed for
use in spray applications. FREICLEAN 10BLF is designed to remove phosphate and lubricant soils from steel work when exceptionally oily soils are present. Oily soils may be skimmed from the surface of the cleaning solution and stearate lubricant soils will not gel in the cleaning solution at ambient temperatures.

FREICLEAN 10BLF may be used at concentrations of 5 – 10 % by volume, with operating
temperatures of 160-200°F. The normal processing time is 30 -90 seconds for spray applications
and 3 – 10 minutes for immersion applications. For optimum removal of heavy phosphate coatings,
a concentration of 10% by volume at 190°F with imme rsion time of 5 minutes or more is

The FREICLEAN 10BLF solution may be monitored by titration of the free alkali as follows:

  1. Pipet a 2 ml sample of the FREICLEAN 10BLF solution into a suitable beaker or Erlenmeyer
    flask and add 4 drops of Indicating Solution 3 (Phenolphthalein). Titrate the pink solution with Testing Solution 20 (0.1N H2SO4) until the pink is just removed from the solution.

A FREICLEAN 10BLF solution prepared at 10% by volume will have a titration reading of
approximately 17 points Testing Solution 20.

Addition of 6.0 gals (70 lbs) of FREICLEAN 10BLF per 1000 gals will raise the titration by 1 point.

FREICLEAN 10BLF weighs 11.6 lbs/gal. and has a specific gravity of 1.39.

CAUTION: This material is strongly alkaline and may cause burns to skin and eyes.

The Free Alkali may also be monitored by the following drop test: Procedure replaces the above titration to give an approximation of the FREICLEAN 10BLF concentration).

Using a 1 ml graduated dropper*, add 1 ml of the FREICLEAN 10BLF solution to be tested to a 150 ml beaker. Add 4 drops of Indicating Solution 3 to the beaker and swirl. The solution will be dark pink. Add Testing Solution 60 drop-wise to the beaker, swirling the beaker after each drop. The titration is complete when the pink color is just removed from the solution.

% by volume FREICLEAN 10BLF = 0.563 x drops Testing Solution 60.

A 10% by volume solution of FREICLEAN 10BLF will require approximately 17-18 drops of Testing Solution 60.

*Use 3 mL plastic transfer pipettes Cat. # 225 SAMCO Scientific Corp. Hold vertically use one pipette just for Testing solution #60 only.

CAUTION: This material is strongly alkaline and may cause burns to skin and eyes.

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