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Imparts a heavy zinc phosphate which achieves coating weights in excess of 2000 mg/ft2. Provides excellent corrosion protection on ferrous metal surfaces when used in conjunction with an appropriate Freiborne oil. Freibornite HZ-2 is DCX PS-80 approved and meets most Ford and GM specifications for heavy phosphate and oil.


Freibornite HZ-2 provides a heavy, zinc phosphate coating with excellent corrosion resistance when finished with oil, stain or paint.

To charge the tank, fill to the 3/4 level with water and add 350 lbs. (25 gallons) of Freibornite HZ-2 per 1000 gallons of working solution. Bring the tank to the operating level with water and heat to the operating temperature range of 155°-210°F. Prior to processing, add approximately 40 lbs. per 1000 gallons of Additive #3 (ferrous sulfate powder) or dissolve about 15 lbs. of steel wool per 1000 gallons to put a minimum amount of iron into solution (Instead of adding Additive 3 or Steel Wool to the bath you may run scrap parts until the iron level reaches 1.0 points before processing actual finished parts). Failure to do so will result in light coatings and inferior corrosion resistance. Treatment time is 5-20 minutes.

Normal testing and control is performed through total acid and iron content titration as described.

The Total Acid concentration should be increased as iron builds up in the solution. An addition of 27 lbs (1.9 gallons) of Freibornite HZ-2 per 1000 gallons will increase the Total Acid by one point.

When the iron gets so high as to interfere with coating the solution should be discarded, in whole or in part and a new bath prepared.

Alternately the Total Acid can be adjusted based on the iron point through the following equation and chart.

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