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Product Type: Freibond 10

This is our preferred and highest quality process. It is simple to control, robust in its tolerance, and shows excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance under paint. It may be applied by spray or immersion.


FREIBOND 10 is a high quality iron phosphate coating chemical for steel primarily applied by spray. FREIBOND 10 is designed to impart a uniform coating excellent for bonding paint. It may also be used by immersion but at double the recommended concentration.

Stainless steel, mild steel, and high temperature acid resistant plastics are suitable for processing equipment. Utilizing 300 series stainless steel equipment will significantly increase the service life of the equipment. Full cone spray nozzles, such as Spraying Systems WhirlJet® nozzles, are normally used in spray applications to ensure uniform application of FREIBOND 10. Spray pressures should be maintained at 15 psig for optimum coating. Spray pressure above 20 psig will create inconsistencies and voids in the iron phosphate coating.

Utilization of deionized or reverse osmosis water in the system will reduce both chemical
consumption and sludge generation. Application equipment should be cleaned or a regular maintenance cycle with PICKLE 2 to remove sludge and scale deposits that may interfere with application and subsequent performance.

To charge the tank, fill to the three-quarter level with water and for each 1000 gallons of working solution, add 380 lbs (36 gallons) of FREIBOND 10 and 9 lbs of NEUTRALIZER 1 for spray applications or 760 lbs (72 gallons) of FREIBOND 10 and 18 lbs of  EUTRALIZER 1 for immersion applications. Bring the tank up to the working level with water and heat to the operating temperature (spray = 150oF – 170oF, immersion = 175oF – 185oF). Once the optimum temperature has been determined, it should be maintained within ±5oF. A processing bath built up according to these recommendations will result in 10 points of Total Acid for a spray application or 20 points of Total Acid for immersion processes and a pH adjustment value of 0.4 (pH of 5.0).

The typical process sequence for Freibond D37 application consists of the following steps:

1. FREICLEAN treatment
2. Warm Water Rinse
3. FREIBOND 10 treatment (one or two stages)
4. Water Rinse
5. FREICON post treatment seal
6. Deionized water rinse
7. Drying

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