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FREIBOND 26 produces an extremely fine microcrystalline zinc phosphate coating on ferrous and other metals by the immersion method. It is used where a light, but tenacious, zinc phosphate is required such as a base for paint, applying rubber over metal to enhance adhesion or as a lubricant carrier for cold extrusion.

FREIBOND 26 is a multi-purpose, single package system for normal operation but in special applications it may be used with FREIBOND 26 ADDITIVE.

Stainless steel, mild steel, and high temperature acid resistant plastics are suitable for processing equipment. Utilizing 300 series stainless steel equipment will significantly increase the service life of the equipment.

Utilization of deionized or reverse osmosis water in the system will reduce both chemical
consumption and sludge generation. Application equipment should be cleaned or a regular maintenance cycle with PICKLE 2 to remove sludge and scale deposits that may interfere with application and subsequent performance.

Fill the tank to the 3/4 level with water and add 4 gallons of FREIBOND 26 for every 100 gallons of working solution. Mix well with agitation and bring the solution up to the operating temperature range of 160°C-200°CF.

Process times range from one minute to ten minutes and the Freiborne representative will advise you on the optimum operating parameters for your application.

Total Acid Test:
Pipet a 10 ml sample into a beaker and add 3-4 drops of Indicator Solution 3 (phenolphthalein).
Titrate with Testing Solution 11 (0.1N NaOH) to a pink end point. A solution prepared as above will give a Total Acid reading of 30 points. Addition of one pint of FREIBOND 26 per 100 gallons will raise the Total Acid by approximately one point.

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Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum


Drawing, Extrusion, Paint Pretreatment, Rubber-Metal Bonding

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Conversion Coatings

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