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Manganese iron phosphate product used to reduce wear and prevent galling of moving parts. Freibornite MIP is often used as a wear-in coating for bearing and other surfaces. Freibornite MIP produces heavy coatings often required for many military specifications.


Freibornite M.I.P. is a manganese iron phosphate coating process designed to reduce wear on bearing surfaces and retard corrosion of these parts.

Fill the tank to the three-quarter level with water, heat to about 155°F and add 1200 lbs (110gallons) of Freibornite MIP per 1000 gallons of working solution. Add remainder of water and mix well. The solution should be aged before use, (when freshly made up) by hanging steel scrap or adding about 20 lbs of powdered iron per 1000 gallons of working solution.

The solution is now brought to operating temperature range 200°F-210°F. Cleaned articles are
immersed in the solution for 5 to 15 minutes or until gassing ceases.

Control is based on Total Acid, Free Acid and Iron test results, as follows:

Each point (ml) of 0.18N KMnO4 = 0.1% iron

To increase Total Acid by 1 point (1ml) add 100 lbs (per 1000 gallons of working solution), of Freibornite M.I.P.

If Free Acid is high, it should be neutralized to the proper range by adding 2.5 lbs of Neutralizer 4 per 1000 gallons of working solution to drop Free Acid by 0.1 point.

When the iron level exceeds 0.3% it must be reduced with hydrogen peroxide. Adding 5 lbs of 35% hydrogen peroxide per 1000 gallons will reduce iron by 0.05%.

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