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Product Type: Formlube 30

non-reactive cold forming lubricant, which is to be used in conjunction with a phosphate coating. Formlube 30 leaves less residual lubricant on the formed part with less lubricant buildup in the forming dies.


FORMLUBE 30 is a non-reactive cold forming lubricant , which is to be used in conjunction with a phosphate coating.

The recommended concentration of FORMLUBE 30 is 5 oz/gal (313 lbs/1000 gal) but can vary from 3 to 16 oz/gal depending upon the application. Dissolve the material in hot water (180oF). The operating temperature is 175oF to 195oF with processing time of 3 to 5 minutes. The solution should be agitated during processing.

Babcock: The concentration is determined by adding 10 mL of hot FORMLUBE 30 directly into a Babcock bottle using a measuring or mohr pipet. Wash all of the lubricant from the neck of the Babcock bottle into the bottom of the Babcock bottle using a wash bottle filled with isopropanol or Testing Solution 51, then slowly add 20 mL of Testing Solution 44. Swirl to mix and place the Babcock bottle in boiling water for 30 minutes. An oily layer will form on the surface of the solution in the Babcock bottle. Add hot water to bring this layer into the graduated neck of the bottle. The difference between the sharply defined upper and lower readings of this clear oily layer is the Babcock number.

A lubricant bath of 313 lbs/1000 gal will have a Babcock of approximately 1.2. Addition of 26.0 lbs of FORMLUBE 30/1000 gal will raise the Babcock 0.1 point.

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