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Product Type: Formlube 3

Non-reactive high film strength lubricant designed for use with Formcoat zinc phosphate coatings for severe cold forming operations. Works exceptionally well in axle forming and wire drawing.


FORMLUBE 3 is a non-reactive high film strength lubricant designed for use with Formcoat, zinc phosphate, coatings for severe cold forming operations.

Mild steel is suitable for processing equipment including the tank, heat exchangers, and piping. A weir with a recirculating pump is desired in order to aid in dissolving the FORMLUBE 3 as well as preventing cooled and solidified FORMLUBE 3 from depositing on the material being coated. Processing baths should be continuously agitated in a manner that minimizes foaming. The tank and heating coil should be individually grounded and bonded to prevent electrical eddy currents from causing pinhole leaks in the equipment. For more information on tank design please contact your Freiborne representative.

The normal concentration range varies from 6 to 32 oz/gal depending on the severity of the forming operation. Wire or rod drawing applications generally require the lower concentrations. Your Freiborne representative will recommend the proper concentration for your application.

To prepare the lubricant fill the tank to the three-quarter level with water and add the desired quantity of lubricant. Add water to the working level and mix well. Heat to the operating temperature range, 180-200oF. Immersion time is usually 1-5 minutes.

To maintain the bath’s performance it should be regularly tested and adjusted to maintain
operating parameters. Processing parameters can vary widely based on individual processes
and performance requirements. Typical operating parameters are listed below. Your Freiborne representative will help develop the proper operating parameters for your specific needs.

Typical Processing Sequence for FORMLUBE 3:

1. FREICLEAN series cleaner
2. Warm Water Rinse
3. Acid Pickling
4. Spray Rinse
5. Cold water rinse
6. Hot water preheat
7. FORMCOAT zinc phosphate treatment
8. Cold water rinse

Bath Life:

As work is processed through the FORMLUBE 3 bath metallic contaminants will build up in the bath, referred to as metals. As the metals content increases the lubricant will deteriorate to the point where the bath will need to be discarded and a fresh made.

Numerous methods exist for the dumping and disposal of FORMLUBE 3 baths. Typically, the FORMLUBE 3 bath is “fluidized” with ADDITIVE 3L to keep the bath in a liquid form to aid in transportation to a treatment facility or in-house filtration of the spent bath.

Two methods are available as follows, but only one is necessary:

Babcock Test Procedure: (Preferred method)

1. Add 10 mL of Testing Solution #51 to a 50 mL beaker. Then add 10 mL of the FORMLUBE 3 solution and pour directly into a Babcock bottle.
2. Wash the beaker with an additional 10 mL of Testing Solution #51 and filter into the
Babcock bottle.
3. Place the Babcock bottle in boiling water for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, carefully add
20 mL of Testing Solution #44 (50% H2SO4). An oily layer will form. Slowly add hot water to the Babcock bottle until the oily layer is within the graduated portion of the neck
of bottle. The difference between the top and bottom of the oily layer is the Babcock number.

A FORMLUBE 3 bath made up at 1 lb/gallon will have a babcock of 1/5. An addition of 67 lbs per 1000 gallons will raise the babcock by 0.1 points.

Titration Test Procedure: (Total Alkalinity – Quick Check)

1. Pipet about 20mL of the hot FORMLUBE 3 into 200mL of hot water. Add 10 drops of
Indicating Solution #2 (Bromcresol green) and titrate with Testing Solution #55 (0.88 N
H2SO4) to a yellow white end point.

A lubricant build-up with 2 lbs. FORMLUBE 3 per gallon will have a titration of 28 points. Adding 72 lbs. of Formlube 3 per 1000 gallons will raise the concentration by one point.

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