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Product Type: Formlube 14

FORMLUBE #14 is a non-reactive multi- step formulation designed for use with or without zinc phosphate for severe cold forming operations. Especially low micro-finishes can be obtained in tube drawing when applied over bare metal. Formlube 14 is also an effective phosphate free lubricant in steel and aluminum extrusions.


FORMLUBE 14 is a non-reactive, high film-strength lubricant designed for use with and without zinc phosphate coated parts for severe cold forming operations.

Application has been found for tube drawing, where especially low micro-finishes are required, together with a variety of drawing and extrusion operations for steel and aluminum.

The bath concentration can be in the range of 4 oz. to 30 oz. per gallon depending on the severity of the extrusion. Operating temperatures range from 180o-200oF with coating times of 3 – 10 minutes.

For production operation the bath should be continuously agitated – preferably by use of a submerged pump – to retain the integrity of the suspension.

Preheat a 10 mL Mohr pipette in boiling water. Concentration is determined by pipetting 10 mL of hot FORMLUBE 14 and 10 mL of Testing Solution 51 into a Babcock bottle. Place the bottle in boiling water for 30 minutes. Then add 20 mL of Testing Solution 44 (50% H2SO4). Mix well while continuing to heat. Add preheated water until an oil layer appears in the graduated neck of the bottle. The difference between the sharply defined upper and lower readings of this clear
oily layer is the Babcock number.

A lubricant bath of 16 oz./gallon will have a Babcock of approximately 1.5. Addition of 65 lbs. FORMLUBE 14 /1000 gallons will raise the Babcock 0.1 point.

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