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Product Type: Freiborne Oil 1629

Petroleum based corrosion inhibitor for both transit and inner stage protection.


Freiborne Oil 1629 is a petroleum based product specially formulated to impart rust protection on cast iron and steel that is in transit or in process between successive production stages. Freiborne Oil 1629 typically provides protection for six to nine months of indoor storage. It may be applied by spray or immersion, is non-staining, and easily removed in subsequent operations. Most alkaline cleaners or a petroleum solvent will easily remove Freiborne Oil 1629.
Freiborne Oil 1629 meets specification ASTM 1748D – 96 hour humidity cabinet test.

Freiborne Oil 1629 is used as received, applied by dip, spray, or swabbing it on.

• Excellent corrosion protection
• Contains no hazardous materials
• Easily applied
• Easily removed
• Long fluid life; minimal tendency to separate

Flash Point, COC                  >275oF
Recommended Dilution      Use as is
Specific Gravity @ 60oF      0.899
Operating Temperature       70-110oF
Color                                         Clear Amber Liquid
Odor                                          Petroleum

Additional Information

Temp Range

Ambient – 120


Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel



Product Type


Product Line

Freiborne Oil


Spray or Immersion

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