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Product Type: Freiborne Oil 1740

Freiborne Oil 1740 is a petroleum based product used for corrosion protection involving severe storage and shipping conditions.  Oil 1740 leaves a light oily film resulting in less mess on the shop floor.


Freiborne Oil 1740 is a petroleum based product used for corrosion protection involving severe storage and shipping conditions. Freiborne Oil 1740 is formulated with a comprehensive additive package designed to maximize effectiveness and product life. It can provide more than 200 hours of humidity cabinet protection for bare steel and does this without the use of barium or other hazardous materials. This makes it a good choice for in transit protection, short term outdoor storage, or long term indoor storage. It will not adversely affect lubricants and coolants in subsequent operations and therefore is excellent for in process protection of machined components. Most alkaline cleaners or a petroleum solvent will easily remove dry films of Freiborne Oil 1740.

Freiborne Oil 1740 is used as received, applied by dip or spray and dries to a clear, non-tacky film.

• Excellent corrosion protection
• Contains no hazardous materials
• Easily applied
• Easily removed
• Long fluid life; minimal tendency to separate


1. Periodic Lab Analysis

At 1-2 month intervals, or at whatever interval seems appropriate, a 250 ml sample should be taken from the agitated process-tank and mailed to Freiborne Industries Inc. for analysis. A report will be issued.

This analysis will report on contaminant build-up, on any depletion of any constituent elements in the oil, and make recommendations as to the additives necessary to restore the oil to specification.

2. Temperature Control
Under no circumstances should the temperature be allowed to rise above 110°F in the process-tank. Temperature controllers should be checked at regular intervals to guard against oxidation damage to the constituents through over-heating. The temperature should not drop below 40F.

3. Contamination Build-up

Over time and with enough work being processed, the Oil 1740 process-tank will build-up solid particles in suspension. In time these will interfere with the integrity of the rust preventative oil-film and filtration will be necessary to restore the bath to condition (a 50 micron size is considered critical). The build-up can be monitored on -site by running a measured amount of agitated oil through a dried and pre-weighed 50 micron filter-paper. After filtration the filter-paper should be dried and weighed again; The weight difference indicates the contaminant build-up. Date and retain the dried filter-paper for comparison. Two (2) month intervals should suffice for this test.

Additional Information

Temp Range

Ambient – 110


Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel



Product Type


Product Line

Freiborne Oil


Spray or Immersion

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