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Phophate free luricant carrier coating for use on Aluminum prior to cold forming, drawing, or extrusions. Eliminate the process control and environmental problems associated with zinc phosphate conversion coatings. Use in conjunction with Formlube 23M to perform the more difficult aluminum extrusions in fewer steps that traditional lubricant systems.

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PRECOAT 1 is an immersion calcium based carrier lubricant designed to treat aluminum and replace phosphate coatings in the Cold Forming Industry. It is primarily used in conjunction with a non-reactive cold forming lubricant. The advantage of this product is its low maintenance and ease of disposal.

The tank is charged to the 3/4 level with water and for each 1000 gallons of working solution, 250 lbs of PRECOAT 1A is added. Pre-dissolve PRECOAT 1A in water whenever possible. If not, then make additions at the point where stirring or agitation is most vigorous. Bring the solution up to the working level with water and heat to the operating temperature of 145°F to 165°F. Treatment times range from 2 to 15 minutes. VIGOROUS STIRRING IS IMPERATIVE. Precoat materials absorb moisture and cake-up if exposed to the air for any length of time. Close containers when not in use.

Total Alkalinity Determination:
Filter approximately 100 ml of the working solution through Whatman 541 filter paper. Pipet a 25 ml sample into a 150 ml beaker. Add 5 drops of Indicating Solution 2. Titrate with Testing Solution 20 to a yellow endpoint.

Range: 6.2 to 8.0 points. Minimum: 6.2 points.

An addition of 10lb/1000 gal of PRECOAT 1B will raise the Total Alkali by approximately 0.4 point.

Concentration Determination:
To a 5 ml filtered sample, add 10 ml of Testing Solution 87. Add 0.5 gram of Indicating Powder 24. Titrate with Testing Solution 79 to a blue endpoint.

Range: 16 to 20 points.

An addition of 10lbs/1000 gal of PRECOAT 1B will raise the Concentration by approximately 1.0 point.

The test should be performed once per shift. Recommendations will be made by your Freiborne representative regarding additions.

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