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Product Type: Freibond T100

Phosphate free Nano technology coating for multi-metal paint adhesion. Freibond T100 provides excellent salt spray and adhesion performance in an economical to operate package.


FREIBOND T100 is a proprietary phosphate free pretreatment chemistry suitable for carbon steel, galvanized, and aluminum substrates prior to paint applications. This Zirconium based
pretreatment increases the adhesion and corrosion resistance of painted metal surfaces.

• pH < 2.0 neat
• Specific Gravity 1.01
• Solvent System Water
• Color Clear
• Low Process Temperature Ambient – 110°F
• Process time 30 to 60 seconds
• DI Rinse Preferred
• Coating appearance Typically, Gold color on smooth Steel
• Shelf life One year under original seal
• Storage considerations *** Keep from Freezing***

• Spray or immersion
• 3% by volume
• May be used in “dry in place” applications
• Epoxy and Polyester powder coat

• Clean
• City water rinsing
• Low conductivity water rinsing
• Conversion coating
• DI/RO water rinsing
• Forced air or oven drying

Fill the bath ¾ full with water and add 30 gallons of FREIBOND T100 per 1000 gallons of final working solution. Fill to final working volume and mix. While agitating, adjust the pH up to 4.5 using NEUTRALIZER 10L. At 3% v/v FREIBOND T100 will require less than 0.5%v/v or 5 gallons Nut 10L per 1000gallon of final working Solution. Additions of NEUTRALIZER 10L should be
made very slowly into the pump well or with good agitation to prevent a high pH from developing in a localized area in the bath which can caused precipitation of the dissolved metal in the pretreatment bath. Heat the solution to operating temperature.

Parameter Minimum Maximum
Concentration (% v/v) 2% 3%
Absorbance 0.75 1
pH 4 5


1. Add exactly 5ml of a bath sample, at room temperature, into a 25ml graduated cylinder or volumetric flask and add water to the 20ml graduation mark. Stopper and mix.
2. Using a pipet add exactly 2.0 mL of diluted bath sample into a 10 mL graduated cylinder.
3. Using a pipet add exactly 2.0 mL of clean water into a second 10 mL graduated cylinder.
4. Using a pipet add exactly 6.0 mL of Test Solution 60 (1N HCl) to each the sample solution and the water blank cylinders. The cylinder should contain exactly 8ml total volume. Stopper tightly and shake vigorously at least 12 times.
5. Allow any foam or entrained air to dissipate then add exactly 1.0 mL of Indicating
Solution 27 (0.15% w/v Arsenazo III) to each bath and blank samples. Stopper tightly
and shake vigorously at least 12 times. The resulting solutions should be dark blue to
6. Pour the blank solution into one of the plastic cells (1-cm path length) provided with the Hach pocket colorimeter.
7. Pour the sample solution into a second plastic cell.
8. Remove the instrument cap from the pocket colorimeter, and insert the cell with the blank solution into the cell compartment with notch-to-notch fit. Use the instrument cap as a light shield during measurements.
9. Press the ZERO key. The meter should read 0.00. If the meter doesn’t read 0.00, press
the ZERO key again.
10. Replace the blank cell with the bath test solution cell, and cover the cell compartment
with the cap. Press the READ key.
11. Record the reading as absorbance.
The absorbance should be maintained between 0.75 and 1.00. For consistent and
accurate results, check battery, clean and dry the outside of the sample cells before
inserting them into the pocket colorimeter.

The concentration may be determined from the following table:

pH Determination:

The pH is determined using a fluoride stable pH meter standardized at pH 4 and pH 7.
The pH should be maintained between 4.0 and 5.0 using NEUTRALIZERS 10L, 41 and
FREIBOND T100. Adjustment should be made at a rate of 1/2 quart per 1000 gallons of working solution to avoid overshooting the desired pH range. After each addition provide ample mixing of the bath before measuring the pH and making the next pH adjustment. Do not allow the pH to exceed 5.0 to prevent precipitation of the active ingredients.

Always make concentration adjustments first if required. Retest the pH after the concentration adjustment has been made. The following chart will help determine what actions need to be taken to maintain the bath chemistry.

5 gallon pails 40 lbs (18.1 kgs)
55 gallon drums 450 lbs/drum (204.0 kgs)

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Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum


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