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Product Type: Formlube 50A

Polymer-based emulsion/dispersion designed as a lubricant for the toughest cold forming applications. Provides exceptional tank life while outperforming reactive soap lubricants.


FORMLUBE 50A is a polymer-based emulsion/dispersion designed as a lubricant for the cold forming and warm forming of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The preferred method of application is to pre-coat phosphated parts before forming. However, spray or flooding of
the die or punch may be used.

Formlube 50Amust be continuously circulated while operating and when the tank is sitting idle. Formlube 50A is not corrosive and can be used with high temperature plastic, mild steel, and stainless steel equipment

The working concentration range is 15 to 45 % by volume depending on the application.
The smallest concentration necessary should be determined experimentally and used.

Fill the tank 1/2 full, add the desired amount of FORMLUBE 50A with stirring, and bring the level of the tank to the desired level with water. FORMLUBE 50A is now ready for application.

Mild mixing of the tank is recommended to ensure uniformity. For immersion applications, preheating of the part (150 to 200°F) is recommende d to facilitate drying.

Spray Applications:
Once the appropriate dilution of FORMLUBE 50A is determined, monitoring the concentration is normally not required for this application.

Immersion Applications:


FORMLUBE 50A should be kept clean by using a clean rinse prior to coating with FORMLUBE 50A in order to assure long tank life. However, the pH should be monitored periodically to insure that contamination is not bringing the pH outside the range of 7.5 to 9.5. Should the pH come within 0.2 points of the outside range, contact your Freiborne representative immediately.


The concentration of FORMLUBE 50A may be determined by the following method:

1. Weigh a small aluminum weighing dish on an analytical balance with accuracy to 1/10,000th g (0.1mg). Record the weight as “A”.

2. Pipet 5 mL of stirred FORMLUBE 50A solution into the dish and re-weigh the dish and solution. Record this weight as “B”.

3. Place the dish in an oven for 1½ hours at a constant temperature of 120°C (248°F). Allow it to cool and then re-weigh the di sh and the remaining solid. Record this weight as “C”.


Weight of the solid material = C – A
Weight of the FORMLUBE 50A sample B – A

To increase the percent solids by 1% add 1 gallons of FORMLUBE 50A for every 100 gallons of working volume in the tank.

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