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Product Type: Formlube 44

FORMLUBE 44 is a polymeric emulsion designed as a lubricant for the swaging and stamping of ferrous and nonferrous materials. FORMLUBE 44 may also be used as a liquid polymeric drawing lubricant.


FORMLUBE 44-16 is a polymeric emulsion designed as a lubricant for the swaging and stamping of ferrous and nonferrous materials. FORMLUBE 44-16 may be applied by dipping, brushing or spraying on the metal surface.

The material, as supplied, is 16% by weight solids, and can be diluted down to operating concentration, normally 4% solids, prior to use. Diluting Formlube 44-16 to 4% solids entails adding 3 parts of water and 1 part Formlube 44 16 to a container and mixing thoroughly. FORMLUBE 44-16 is applied directly on the metal surface to be formed. The material may be allowed to dry or used wet to lubricate the surface to be formed.

No testing is required, but stirring of the material before use is recommended. Containers should be kept closed during storage to avoid a skin formation, bacterial buildup, and degradation of the product. Formlube 44-16 should be store at, or above, 60oF to prevent damage to the product emulsion.

Dilution concentration can be checked by the following methods:

Gravimetric Method:

1. Weigh a disposable aluminum dish on an analytical balance with accuracy to 1/10,000th g. Record the weight as “A”.

2. Transfer 5 grams (+/- 0.2grams) of stirred FORMLUBE 44-16 working bath into the disposable aluminum dish. Record the weight of the dish and Formlube 44-16, to the nearest 0.001gram,as “B”.

3. Place the sample in an oven for 2 hours at a constant temperature of 120°C, +/- 5°C. Allow the sample to cool and then re- weigh the dish
and the remaining solid. Record this weight, to the nearest 0.001gram, as “C”.


Refractometer Method:

The refractometer test is a quick check type test that does not provide the same degree of
accuracy as the gravimetric method. The curve has been calculated to provide reasonably
accurate data in the 2.5-5% solids range, which will cover most applications. Place a sample of the diluted Formlube 44-16 on a calibrated 0-10oBrix refractometer with automatic temperature compensation (ATC). Calibration instructions are normally provided with the refractometer. Multiply the reading off of the refractometer by 0.8185 to get the percent solids concentration of the dilution (i.e. a refractometer reading of 3.2 will give a result of 2.6% solids).

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