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Product Type: Formlube 23M

Non-reactive cold forming lubricant specially formulated to facilitate the cold forming of Aluminum when used in conjunction with Freiborne’s Precoat 1.


FORMLUBE 23M is a reactive cold forming lubricant specially formulated to facilitate the cold forming of Aluminum when used in conjunction with a calcium based carrier coating.

Mild steel is suitable for processing equipment including the tank, heat exchangers, and piping. A weir with a recirculating pump is desired in order to aid in dissolving the FORMLUBE 23M as
well as preventing cooled and solidified FORMLUBE 23M from depositing on the material being coated. Processing baths require continuously agitation in a manner that minimizes foaming. The tank and heating coil should be individually grounded and bonded to prevent electrical eddy currents from causing pinhole leaks in the equipment. For more information on tank design please contact your Freiborne representative.

The recommended concentration of FORMLUBE 23M is 12 oz/gal (750 lbs/1000 gal) but can vary from 6 to 16 oz/gal depending upon the application. Dissolve the material using hot water (180°F). The operating temperature is 175°F to 195°F with processing time of 3 to 10 minutes. The solution should be continuously agitated during processing.

FORMLUBE 23M is controlled by the Babcock Concentration Test and by monitoring the Free Acid. The sample of FORMLUBE 23M used for testing should be kept hot enough so that it does not begin to solidify during the tests. Prepare a bath of boiling deionized or distilled water in a 1000
or 2000 ml beaker filled ¾ full. Place a 10 ml graduated pipette in the hot water bath. This
heated pipette should be used to measure out the samples of FORMLUBE 23M to prevent the sample from solidifying in the pipette during sampling.

Babcock Test:

1. Add 10 ml of Testing Solution 51 into an 8% Babcock milk test bottle
2. Add 10 ml of hot FORMLUBE 23M into the Babcock bottle
3. Using a wash bottle of Testing Solution 51, wash down any residual FORMLUBE 23M remaining in the neck of the Babcock bottle.
4. Carefully add 20 mL of Testing Solution 44 (50% H2SO4) and place the Babcock bottle in
boiling water for 30 minutes. An oil layer will form on top of the solution.
5. Add hot water to bring this layer into the graduated neck of the bottle. The difference between the sharply defined upper and lower readings of this clear oily layer is the Babcock number.

A lubricant bath of 750 lbs per 1000 gal will have a Babcock of approximately 3.5. Addition of 21.5 lbs of FORMLUBE 23M per 1000 gal will raise the Babcock 0.1 point.

Free Acid:

1. Pour 200 ml of Testing Solution 51 into a suitable beaker and bring it to a boil in a fume
2. To the boiling solution add Testing Solution 11 dropwise until the clear solution turns a very slight pink, which normalizes the solution.
3. Add 10 mls of the hot FORMLUBE 23M and allow the solution to boil for one minute.
4. Titrate with Testing Solution 11 (0.1N NaOH) to the first permanent pink color.

For a lubricant bath built up at 750 lbs per 1000 gal with a Babcock of 3.5, the Free Acid should be in the range of 2.2 to 2.8. An addition of 2.3 lbs of Additive 42 per 1000 gal will raise the Free Acid 0.1 points.

The following chart may be helpful in determining the proper Free Acid level for various concentrations of FORMLUBE 23M:

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