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Product Type: Formlube 1

Reactive soap lubricant yields exceptionally high film strength when used in conjunction with Formcoat zinc phosphates. It has applications in a wide range of metal forming operations.


FORMLUBE 1 is a reactive soap lubricant that has exceptionally high film strength when used in conjunction with Formcoat zinc phosphate coatings. It has applications in most metal forming operations.

Mild steel is suitable for processing equipment including the tank, heat exchangers, and piping. A weir with a recirculating pump is desired in order to aid in dissolving the FORMLUBE 1 as well as preventing cooled and solidified FORMLUBE 1 from depositing on the material being coated. Processing baths should be continuously agitated in a manner that minimizes foaming. The tank and heating coil should be individually grounded and bonded to prevent electrical eddy currents from causing pinhole leaks in the equipment. For more information on tank design please contact your Freiborne representative.

Build up is accomplished by partially filling the tank with water, typically about half full, and adding FORMLUBE 1 to achieve your desired concentration. Heat this solution to 1800-2000F with active stirring to dissolve the FORMLUBE 1. Heating the water prior to adding the FORMLUBE 1 will aid in quickly dissolving the lubricant. Care must be exercised when adding the FORMLUBE 1 to
prevent splashing. Once the lubricant is dissolved the bath can be filled to the operating volume with water and the temperature can be adjusted to the desired operating temperature. No work should be processed through the bath until all of the FORMLUBE 1 has been dissolved
and the tank is at its targeted operating temperature.

Maintenance additions: routine additions used to maintain the concentration should be added to the weir section if the tank is equipped with one.

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