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Product Type: Formcoat 2

High quality zinc phosphate usd for lubricant retention to facilitate tube drawing and cold forming. Formcoat 2 has lower temperature capabilities and imparts a finer crystal structure than Formcoat 1.


FORMCOAT 2 is a high quality immersion zinc phosphate coating process for steel and steel alloys. FORMCOAT 2 is used primarily to facilitate cold forming when used in conjunction with a FORMLUBE lubricant,or wire drawing when used in conjunction with a FORMATE series drawing compound. FORMCOAT 2
generates less sludge than other traditional zinc phosphating products.

• The process tank should be constructed from stainless steel or an acid and oxidizer resistant
composite material that will withstand the temperature ranges required. Use of mild steel will result in shortened equipment life due to chemical attack.

• Heat transfer surfaces should be constructed of 316 stainless steel, or an acid and oxidizer
resistant high temperature composite, if steam or heat transfer fluid type heat exchangers are used.

• Piping and pumps may be constructed of stainless steel, mild steel, or an appropriate composite material. Use of mild steel will result in shortened equipment life.

Fill the tank to the three-quarter level with water and add the desired amount of FORMCOAT 2A, using the equation below, to the bath.

(Target Total Acid Points) x (0.00289) x (Working Volume in Gallons) = Gallons of FORMCOAT 2A required

With water bring the tank to the operational level and heat to the required temperature, typically 175oF. Once the optimum temperature is determined, it should be maintained within 5oF. Cleaned steel is placed in this solution for 3 to 10 minutes to produce a uniform coating.

Just before any work is processed, add 10 oz. (220 mls.) of FREIDOX 2 or 20 oz. (500 mls. of a 20% solution of Freidox 1) per 1,000 gallons and mix.

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