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Product Type: FreiGuard 303

Water based corrosion inhibitor for in-house storage protection and short term transportation.  FreiGuard 303 is compatible with VCI packaging products.


FreiGuard 303 is a low foaming, water based corrosion inhibitor concentrate used for short term in house and transit corrosion prevention on carbon steel. It dries to the touch and may provide up to 30 to 60 days of corrosion protection when coated parts are stored indoors. FreiGuard 303 contains no phenols, nitrites, chlorine, silicone or sulfur.

• pH neat                                            10.6
• Specific Gravity                             1.20
• Solvent System                              Water
• Color                                                 Clear to light yellow
• Process Temperature                   Ambient – 130°F
• Process time                                   15 to 30 seconds
• Shelf life                                           One year under original seal
• Storage considerations                *** Keep from Freezing***

• Spray or immersion stage
• Spray wand
• 2 to 10% by volume in water
• Temporary atmospheric corrosion protection
• Enhances protection of VCI Transportation Packaging

Fill the bath ¾ full with deionized water add the appropriate amount of FREIGUARD 303 for your  application. Fill to final working volume and mix. Heat the solution to operating temperature.

Concentration: Using a 5ml volumetric pipette, transfer a 5ml sample of the FREIGUARD 303 bath into a clean 250ml Erlenmeyer flask. Add 5-10 drops of Indicating Solution 2 (Bromocresol Green) and 50-100 mls of distilled or deionized water. Titrate with Testing Solution 20 (0.1 N H2SO4) from a blue to a yellow endpoint (not green). Record the buret reading as the Total Alkalinity. For bath samples greater than 10% v/v titrate a 1ml sample size and multiply the
result by 5 and record as Total Alkalinity.

Calculate the concentration of FREIGUARD 303 using the formula:
%V/V FREIGUARD 303 = mls of TS20 X 0.40

Processing parameters can vary from application to application. Your Freiborne Sales and Service Representative will assist you in determining the best processing criteria for your application.

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