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Product Type: Formlube 407

The next generation of cold/warm forming polymer lubricants Formlube 407 provides excellent results on aluminum forming operations over Formcoat 7 as well as bare aluminum

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FORMLUBE 407 is a water based polymer lubricant used in forming operations on ferrous and nonferrous materials. It can be used in multiple application scenarios as the primary lubricant or as a supplemental lubricant over the top of an established lubricant layering system.
FORMLUBE 407 is used in cold forming as well as Warm Forward Extrusion of aluminum at

FORMLUBE 407 may be used as a standalone lubricant over bare substrates or a zinc phosphate coating. It may also be used as a secondary lubricant layer over zinc phosphate/soap coated substrates. Application methods include immersion coating, brushing, rolling, and spray application. Ideally, parts should be cleaned and heated prior to lubricant application to facilitate adhesion and drying. Bath temperatures may range from ambient to 140°F. Spray application may generate f oam.

FORMLUBE 407 may be applied neat or be diluted down to an operating concentration
appropriate for the application. A 1:1 dilution using water is recommended as a good starting point to identify the best concentration for your process. FORMLUBE 407 is a nonreactive film former over bare steel or aluminum. It may be applied directly on the metal surface to be formed or over an existing polymer or soap based lubricant system. A soft film will form at room temperature if allowed to dry. When over-coating parts, bath temperature and time of
exposure to immersion or spray should be carefully considered to prevent compromising the integrity of lubricant films already in place. For this application, it is suggested to start at 15%v/v and a temperature of 135°F.

Physical Properties

• pH Neat: 9.5
• Appearance: opaque with slight yellow color
• Odor: Mild

Bath concentration controlled by the following method:

The concentration of FORMLUBE 407 may be measured using an Optical Refractometer.
Entrained air will create false results. Allow the bath sample to cool and degas before adding sample droplets to the main prism. To calculate the concentration of FORMLUBE 407:

%V/V Formlube 407 = % Brix X 3.6

Additional Information

Temp Range

Ambient – 140


Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper/Brass


Drawing, Stamping, Extrusion

Product Type


Product Line



Spray or Immersion

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