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I am working on a 1978 Chevrolet C10. I had a rusted area about 2×4 inches just above the windshield. I cut a patch from a donor panel that had the correct contour, removed the corresponding area from the roof, and welded the patch in. I went a little too fast and the roof caved in. I have tried to pull the metal back with studs, but the metal in the patch area is too stiff and I’m left with oil canning on the original roof.

I’m thinking of removing the patch and then working the roof contour into position by placing something between the inner and outer roof panels, heating and quenching to get the panel back in in alignment. Then I can weld in another patch.

The other option I’m considering is holding upward pressure on the studs and then using heat to bring the area back up and quenching the heated spot without removing the patch.

Which of these would be a better solution? I’d hate to have to replace the complete roof for this small section of rust but fortunately this model truck is readily available in the local junkyards. Thanks for any help with Professor Hammer’s Metalworking Tips.

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