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Freiborne’s Precoat 1 Helps Medical Bottle Manufacturer Save $350,000 Annually

Precoat Aluminum Medical Bottles being manufactured

Summary: An aluminum cold forming operation tasked with producing medical bottles faced soaring tooling costs averaging $2.28 per part and quality inconsistencies. After implementing Freiborne’s Precoat 1 technology in their immersion coating line, tooling costs plummeted to $0.45 per part, equating to annual savings of over $350,000. Additionally, the Precoat 1 ensured consistent lubricant deposition and extended die life, effectively resolving the quality issues.

Industry: Medical Bottle Production
Category: Cost Reduction & Quality Improvement
Processes: Material Replacement, Process Optimization, Quality Control

Producing medical bottles through an aluminum cold forming operation presented a double-edged problem: astronomical tooling costs averaging $2.28 per part and inconsistent quality. With an annual output of 200,000 parts, the overall toll of this inefficiency exceeded $450,000 per year.

In the face of these challenges, the company sought assistance from Freiborne Industries. Based on a comprehensive audit, Freiborne recommended a shift from the conventional material used in the immersion coating line to its Precoat 1 technology. The previous process often led to substantial precoat weight loss following the neutralizer immersion, resulting in inconsistent lubricant coating and poor die life.

By implementing Precoat 1, the company experienced virtually no weight loss after neutralization, ensuring a uniform lubricant deposition. This was a key factor not just for improving the quality of the drawn parts but also extending the die life. The immediate financial benefit was staggering. The average tooling cost per part dropped dramatically to $0.45, translating into an annual savings of over $350,000.

Freiborne’s Precoat 1 not only optimized the production process but also substantially reduced operational costs. The twofold benefit of cost savings and quality enhancement made Precoat 1 an indispensable asset for the aluminum cold forming operation.

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