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Freiborne Introduces Freibond T200 to Combat Flash-Rust

Summary: Flash corrosion has long vexed manufacturers using water-borne-type pretreatment lines, requiring secondary processes to remove the rust and thereby increasing costs and reducing productivity. Freiborne’s innovative solution, Freibond T200, is a single-chemical paint pretreatment that effectively prevents flash rust, streamlining the process and delivering tangible cost and time savings for manufacturers.

Industry: Paint Pretreatment
Category: Product Development & Operational Efficiency Improvement
Processes: Chemical Formulation, Process Streamlining, Cost and Time Reduction

The phenomenon of flash corrosion, also known as flash rust, is a persistent problem in water-borne-type pretreatment lines. Occurring when thin films of water linger on metal surfaces, this type of corrosion triggers the need for secondary oxidation-removal processes. These additional steps result in increased processing time, added costs, and reduced overall production.

In response to this challenge, Freiborne developed Freibond T200, a groundbreaking, single-chemical paint pretreatment solution designed to prevent flash corrosion from occurring in the first place. With its innovative formula, Freibond T200 eliminates the need for secondary processes to remove oxidation. This results in not only saving time but also reducing labor and material costs.

The introduction of Freibond T200 has proven to be a game-changer for manufacturers. The prevention of flash rust means that operations can proceed more smoothly, without the disruptions and delays caused by additional oxidation-removal processes. This boosts productivity and, by extension, profitability.

In a nutshell, Freiborne’s Freibond T200 offers a comprehensive solution to the flash rust problem, allowing manufacturers to improve their operational efficiency while reducing costs.

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