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Anti-Corrosion Coating Market 2019

In 2015, the global sale volume of anti-corrosion coating is about 9192.3 K MT and is anticipated to reach 14363.4 K MT in 2022.

China is the dominate consumer in anti-corrosion coating industry. The sales volume of China was 3288.4 K MT in 2015, occupied about 35.77% of the total amount. Europe is the second one, with the sales volume of 1778.9 K MT, and the sales market share of 19.35% in 2015. Even though a huge space for growth in the Chinese market exists, the quality and technology should be further improved.

The global average sale price of anti-corrosion coating is in the decreasing trend, from 8039 USD/MT in 2011 to 7240 USD/MT in 2015. With the situation of competition, prices will be in decreasing trend in the following five years.

Currently, with the excellent anti-corrosion properties, solvent-based coatings occupy the largest market share which was about 77.84% in 2015, and is widely used in marine, containers and other applications with stringent anti-corrosion requirement. While, with the increasingly stringent environment requirements and technology improved, water-based coatings will play an more and more important role in this industry.

Chemical industrial accounted for the largest market with about 35.33% of the global consumption volume for anti-corrosion coatings in 2015. With over 27.05% share in the anti-corrosion coatings market, marine was the second largest application market in 2015.

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