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In this article I will tell you how to deal with the rust on the car and give advice from personal practice to remove rust.

Was not able to understand where on the roof of my car formed a point, but deep enough dent. Not like a large branch with a sharp twig, but like a number I never seen… And the fact that I saw a few weeks this nice dents not exactly call rust… In this article I will tell how to deal with the rust on the car and give advice from personal practice to remove rust.- So, what is it – all the familiar rust, or put more scientifically – Fe2O3. Rust can only iron or alloys thereof, which are oxidized after the metal compound with water. Metal corrosion is an electrochemical process in which the anode (it is the role of the metal body of the car) amerusa the electrons through the electrolyte (water even with a small admixture of salts) come to the cathode (the metal part, which can accept electrons). In this process, the iron body of the machine and turns into iron oxide – i.e. rust, reports Rus.Media.

– Understanding the corrosion process gives us the tools to combat it. Since the car body made of iron, the anode and cathode is always there, but with the electrolyte we need to do something. By the way, because of the greater saturation of various salts chemical reagents, which use the utilities in the fight with the ice machine and begin to rust during this period (very rich and quality is obtained electrolyte).

– The process of corrosion is multi-step and divided into three fundamentally different directions.

– The first way is passive. If we can’t replace the iron of the car body at, for example, plastic (fragile) or for metals with no iron (expensive) – we need to cover the metal body with an insulating coating that is primed and painted. This process is the most effective way to prevent corrosion – but it is necessary to constantly monitor the integrity of the protective coating, check it for minor damage-cracks, bumps, chips. In case of detection should take immediate steps to restore the coatings.

– Also this way applies to activities related to the cleanliness of the car wash (every two weeks) and periodic (after every second wash) treatment with wax coating machine – wax water flows faster from the coating.

– Waxing is another way of corrosion, called active, that is, the use of various physical and chemical coating on the metal. For this purpose, various mastics, sealants, protective and anti-corrosive lubricant sprays. There are lots of them, but the essence is the same – the creation of the additional protective layer in addition to the main paintwork. Mostly these drugs are used on the most vulnerable to corrosion parts of car – underbody, sills, arches. Additional protection is only effective if applied to absolutely clean and dry surfaces, otherwise the protection film may remain water, which will continue the corrosion process.


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