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Industrial Cutting Lubricants Market Key Growth Factors and Forecast 2017-2025

Industrial Cutting Lubricants is a type of lubricant used as a metalworking fluid in several industrial applications. Metalworking fluids are specifically designed for increasing the durability of cutting tools and to prevent wear & tear. The primary application of cutting fluids is to regulate the temperature by cooling. The cutting oil is applied during the machining operations as it removes heat by carrying it away from the workpiece interface.

Cutting oils also act as a lubricant and lubricate the workpiece interface. Removal of particulates and chips/metal fines, etc. is also one of the applications performed by cutting oils. Cutting oils are essential in the machining process as excess heat produced during the machining process makes the machine quite prone to wear and tear. Thus, cutting oils play a major role in many of the industrial applications.

The composition of cutting oils varies widely depending upon the type of machining process they are used in. They are generally made from natural/synthetic base oils and depending upon the machining application they are put in, certain additives are added to customize their properties. Thus, cutting oils are designed to increase the productivity of machines and the metal working process. Cutting oils find applications in several industrial applications, including the automobile industry. Demand from these industries is anticipated to boost the demand for cutting oils over the forecast period.

Cutting oils find applications in several industrial applications where they play a critical role in increasing productivity and reducing wear & tear, thereby increasing the life of equipment and related parts. Several types of cutting oils are available in the market for a vast range of applications. Therefore, increasing demand for cutting oils owing to several applications in machining industries is anticipated to augment the growth of cutting oils over the forecast period.

Furthermore, advancements in the development of equipment across various industry verticals and growing severe metal working process will also led to rise in demand for cutting oils. Nowadays, equipment manufacturers are more focused on increasing productivity alongside reducing cost, which will promote the use of high quality cutting oils. That apart, increasing industrialization across developing countries, rebound growth in the automobile industry and upgradation to new technologies in sectors, such as metals, manufacturing process, energy etc. will also boost the demand for cutting oils over the forecast period.

Base oils used in cutting oils are extracted from crude oil. Ongoing volatility of the prices of crude oil may affect the demand for cutting oils and may also hinder the rise in demand. Furthermore, cutting oils pose a hazard to certain metals and can also affect humans if not handled properly. That apart, disposing cutting oils and other metal working fluids is also a big problem as they are insoluble and can cause soil contamination and other problems. These are some of the factors which are anticipated to hinder the growth of cutting oils market in near future.

Rapid development and increasing innovation in equipment used in several industries has led to severe metal working processes. Also, demand from different machine shops has also led to the development of different kinds of cutting oils based on process/equipment requirement. Metal working fluids manufacturers are, thus, focused towards R&D to cater to the growing demand for a varied range of cutting oils.

Furthermore, owing to disposability issues of cutting oils, shops are now getting inclined towards bio-based cutting oils. Along with this, cutting oils manufacturers are investing in R&D to develop methods to reuse cutting oils to reduce their overhead costs. These are some of the key trends being witnessed in the cutting oils market.

Cutting oils market can be segmented on the basis of type and by product. On the basis of type, the cutting oils market can be segmented into water soluble cutting oils and neat cutting oils. On the basis of product, the cutting oils market can be segmented into mineral, bio-based and synthetic cutting oils.

Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the cutting oils market over the forecast period owing to robust demand from the manufacturing sector, especially in countries, such as China and India. Also, demand from the automobile industry is expected to boost the demand for cutting oils in the region. North America is also anticipated to register significant growth owing to the growth in demand from the automobile industry. Furthermore, the strong base of automobile and manufacturing industries in Europe is also expected to witness steady growth and thus, add to the growth of cutting oils market in the region. Latin America and Middle East & Africa are expected to show marginal but steady growth.

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