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Abrasion Resistant and Wear Resistant Coatings

Wear or abrasion resistant coatings have loads of applications, particularly in industrial production. These coatings are significantly more durable than regular ones because of their excellent ability to resist wear and tear. Whether it is high traffic roads, assets made from heavy metal, machines or anything similar, applying impact resistant paint can prolong your asset’s life.

Some equipment requires regular upkeep to remain in excellent working condition. However, their exposure to a variety of elements impacts their overall quality, resulting in replacement, breakdown or even costly repairs. Things like these can be a massive problem in terms of depreciation costs, maintenance, production delays etc.

The best way to avoid these issues? Apply abrasion resistant coatings on your steel and plastic parts!

Different Applications of Abrasion Resistant Coatings
What’s most impressive about wear resistant coatings is that they can come in handy for different industries. Let us take a look at the various applications of these coatings and the benefits they offer:

Non-sticking properties: Specialized coatings like PTFE contain non-sticking properties. Because of this, cleaning surface areas becomes remarkably simpler and quicker, minimizing overhead expenses in the process. Features like these can improve the overall quality of a machine and prolong its life.

Hydrophobic properties: Moisture or water can have a massive impact on metal surfaces. Hard metal or PTFE are generally hydrophobic, making sure they do not absorb water. Besides offering a great deal of convenience in daily cleanup routines, these coats will also improve the equipment’s overall durability.

Flexibility: Wear resistant coatings, whether applied to plastics or metals, can offer you a lot convenience in maintenance. These coats can also give you a massive boost in terms of flexibility and output capacity, something that every production facility can benefit from.

Reduce friction: The application of impact resistant paint in various surfaces ensures that material doesn’t have an adverse reaction to chemicals and does not face wear and tear caused by frictions. Because of attributes like these, using abrasion resistant paints would be highly beneficial for most manufacturing facilities.

Multiuse: Wear resistant coatings can be used in things like automotive parts, medical technologies, instrumentation, food processing equipment etc.

Throughout any production equipment’s life, owners and workers expect them to perform at the highest level and provide maximum output. However, before you use a wear resistant coating for anything, it would be best to determine which type you should be using. Whether it is erosion, oxidation, scratching, corrosion or abrasion, you will find a coat suitable for the equipment you want to protect.

Despite the incredible amount of abrasion resistant coats available these days, finding the right one for your needs can be a bit difficult.

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