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Freiborne Develops Water-Based Lubricant to replace Costly Wax Combination

Water-Based lubricant for metal cold forming

Summary: Freiborne developed Formlube 407 to replace a highly regulated and costly perchloroethylene and wax combination lubricant used in cold forming aluminum applications. The introduction of this water-based lubricant over Freiborne’s Formcoat 7 conversion coating or bare aluminum resulted in multiple benefits. It dramatically cut labor costs by simplifying the production process, eliminated the use of heavily regulated perchloroethylene, reduced scrap rates, and extended tool life, making it a game-changing solution for the industry.

Industry: Cold Forming Operations
Category: Product Development & Process Optimization
Processes: Chemical Formulation, Regulatory Compliance, Production Streamlining, Scrap Reduction

Cold forming operations involving aluminum often come with a unique set of challenges. A particular operation had been grappling with high costs, stemming from the use of a perchloroethylene and wax combination as a lubricant over a conversion coating. The highly regulated nature of perchloroethylene made it expensive, and high scrap rates compounded the problem due to inconsistent lubricant coating.

Freiborne, with its extensive expertise in surface chemistry solutions, introduced Formlube 407 as a water-based lubricant. Designed to replace the problematic perchloroethylene and wax combination, Formlube 407 performed excellently when used over Freiborne’s Formcoat 7 conversion coating. It provided the necessary lubrication for even the most challenging forming applications. Furthermore, in scenarios involving shot-blasted or bare aluminum, Formlube 407 could work effectively in light-to-medium duty extrusions without the need for the Formcoat 7 conversion coating.

The impact of introducing Formlube 407 was transformative. Labor costs decreased significantly due to a simplified, more efficient production process. The lubricant also led to a drop in scrap rates and improved tool longevity, adding further cost savings. Importantly, it completely eliminated the need for perchloroethylene, a heavily regulated and environmentally concerning solvent.

In essence, Freiborne’s Formlube 407 not only met the lubrication requirements for complex aluminum forming but did so while delivering significant operational efficiencies and regulatory benefits.

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