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FreiGuard 313: Optimized Corrosion Inhibitor Cuts Operational Costs

corrosion inhibitor for tube mill

Summary: Freiborne revolutionized corrosion control by introducing FreiGuard 313, a water-based inhibitor that vastly outperforms traditional water-emulsifiable options. By tripling the lifespan of corrosion inhibitor baths and cutting down on waste treatment costs, FreiGuard 313 has optimized operational costs. Additionally, the cleaner, water-based formula eliminates oil spillage, contributing to a safer workspace. This led to a remarkable 75% reduction in tank cleanout time, further lowering operational costs.

Industry: Corrosion Control
Category: Product Development & Operational Efficiency Improvement
Processes: Chemical Formulation, Waste Management Optimization, Operational Time-Reduction

When industrial companies struggle with corrosion control, the costs can escalate rapidly—not just in terms of materials, but also in labor and waste management. Traditional water-emulsifiable corrosion inhibitors have long been a staple in the industry, but they come with their own set of challenges, including frequent tank cleanouts, waste treatment costs, and workplace cleanliness concerns.

In response to these industry-wide challenges, Freiborne developed FreiGuard 313. This groundbreaking, water-based corrosion inhibitor triples the typical bath life. That’s a monumental leap in terms of reducing the frequency of bath replacements and associated labor costs. Moreover, FreiGuard 313 significantly reduces waste treatment costs linked to corrosion inhibitor tanks.

One of the most prominent advantages of FreiGuard 313 is its water-based nature. This makes for a far cleaner work environment as it entirely avoids the issue of oil dripping on the floor—a frequent problem with traditional corrosion inhibitors.

But that’s not all; FreiGuard 313 led to a staggering 75% reduction in tank cleanout time. That’s less downtime, lower labor costs, and increased operational efficiency. It’s a win-win situation for any industrial operation, making FreiGuard 313 the new standard for corrosion control.

In sum, Freiborne’s FreiGuard 313 not only solves the problem of corrosion effectively but does so while dramatically cutting operational costs and creating a cleaner, safer work environment.

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